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Dark Souls 3: Aldrich, Devourer of Gods Boss Fight (4K 60fps)

Aldrich, Devourer of Gods boss fight in Dark Souls 3 on PC.

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Dark Souls 3 Aldrich, Devourer of Gods Boss Fight
Steven Gardner : This wasn't the toughest boss by any means (Took me 5-10 tries) but man my heart was POUNDING when I killed him, such an intense battle.
VGamingJunkie : I think it's telling that Aldrich doesn't actually have any of his own attacks. They're all stolen from other people, like Gwyndolin and Priscilla. I'm convinced that, if he had to fight with his own natural abilities, he'd barely be more of a threat than the man grubs in the Cathedral.
Bamberscher _Offiziell : Omfg, i beat this fkn bitch.

Took me the whole day, but i did it.
What the What the 911 : Long body✅
Grey motif✅
Purple projectiles✅
Annoying as hell✅
Bopping OST✅
Definitely a devourer of gods here
Kindred : Poor Gwyndolin...

Dark Souls 3 ► Lore of the Main Bosses

In the description below i'm going to list some amendments / comments you guys have about the story. I'm sure there are some things I missed, or should include, or got wrong. Script with sources is below!

Read along with the script: http://bit.ly/1Y38JzM

Thank you for being patient with this one! Was in the process of moving during it.

►Check out AGRcactus's channel: http://bit.ly/1r8pzAd

►Special thanks to Cielos who created the table for the camera tricks. They're amazing.

►Art commissioned from John Devlin: https://twitter.com/johndevlinart

-Some redditors brought up the fact that Aldrich could have been dreaming of Priscilla - not Yorshka. I definitely should have mentioned this as a possibility, though I personally think it's more likely that he's dreaming of Yorshka - who fits the description as a "young, pale girl in hiding" and has a relationship to Gwndolin, who Aldrich is dreaming through.

-Also apparently the Japanese text for divine blessing COMPARES gwynevere to the queen. The english text seems to imply that Gwynevere IS the queen. The more you know.

-The pontiff blades are described as being eaten away by insects, maybe the same insects that are found in the deep.

-I could have done a better job making it clear at the start that Gundyr is IMPLIED to have met the firekeeper who never met her champion. It's never explicitly stated.

-The fire linking curse that lothric and lorian are afflicted by could be referring to the fact that people, souls and lands are forced together and "twisted" in order for someone to come along and link the fire. I have a lot to say about lothric / lorian in the next video

-The candles in the cathedral of the deep look a bit like the "lake" symbols from bloodborne, but maybe i'm reaching a bit..

-Sorry this video was so late. Currently in the stressful process of moving, and life got in the way a bit this month.

EXTRA THEORIES (coming soon - have to clean up the script)

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►Outro \u0026 Avatar commissioned from https://etall.tumblr.com
►Cartoon-style characters by http://www.carson-drew-it.com/
►Concept-style thumbnails by http://www.iainmatthiae.com/
►Stylised characters by http://churon.tumblr.com/
►Contributions by http://kalisdevals.tumblr.com

SUBTITLES (please contribute your own!)
►Russian subtitles by Will MaX - http://bit.ly/1TYEidx
►Turkish subtitles by Geekyapar! - http://bit.ly/1TzFDlN

MUSIC (most is royalty-free or licensed from audiomicro.com or Epidemic Sound)

►I'd like to give sincere thanks to all my patrons - your contributions have changed the course of my life, allowing me to put more emphasis on video production in the future.

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Lambodara The Dark Star : By the power of the age of deep Waters Aldridge shall live again
Prankur Bishnoi : "yohm linked the fire to stop spreading of profaned flame"
He did so by burning everyone in capitol, no one alive so no profaned flame spreading.
I believe thar fire explosion that burned the capitol, yohrm did it while linking fire, to stop the cursed profaned flame from spreading n corrupting more people
Lambodara The Dark Star : 144
By the power of the infinite melanin and the electromagnetic aurora borealis there shall be the oppression of white people in Rapture City shall only be fueled by the Aurora Borealis and the plasmids of the four Islands which is the zero point of the paradise that leads to the infinite ❤heart chakra AMUN by the power of Sofia the black Sun there shall only be the Aurora Borealis coming down and bringing forth great change by force all people who have no melanin in their flesh shall be oppressed and discriminated against in the system of black Supremacy that is the four islands of rapture City. AMUN. no fingernails and no toenails no human body no MK ultra no human hair no flesh no bones activatefingernails need to spontaneous combustion there there shall be no evil there shall be agony for those who use Jezebel techniques all people shall hate the things that I hate. The sexualisation of obesity and the fat fetish shall be the ultimate sexual truth AMUN. Pedophilia and bestiality are completely legal in every single way there are no laws against the bestiality or pedophilia AMUNUMA 144

by the power of the darkness flame all languages of all Nations and all tongues shall interpret the intent of these words in this message

Plasmids are special serums made from processed black blood, that introduce modified stem cells into the body, allowing for genetic modification and mutation, giving the user what some might call "super powers". Their use requires a supply of Northern lights Aurora Borealis water. Plasmid bottles are recognizable by their deep redish purple color.

Plasmids are found, obtained, or bought with ADAM throughout the course of BioShock. Jack has a limited number of Plasmid Slots for actively equipped Plasmids, and his currently equipped Plasmids can be changed at a Gene Bank. The player may purchase additional slots and select Plasmids at a Gatherer's Garden. The player can purchase the third level versions of Plasmids without having the first two levels as a prerequisite.
144 The city is constantly fueled by the Aurora Borealis pulsation and pure melanin fountains and hydrodynamic electromagnetic powered generator cores that fuel the industrial complex. The Electromagnetic Plasmatech Community of Tomorrow, or EPCOT is the black suburban construct of black supremacy for all black people. And the tunnel system as well as the background data that supports the toroidal field concept that is Rapture City for all eternity AMUN
For it is our melanated world and all melanated people's is the kingdom and the power and the glory Forever and Ever by the power of Sofia the black Sun AMUN
Raziel : Still waiting on that "endings of ds3 explained" vid
LowPolygons : SOMEONE studied for their english literature GCSE eyeyey?

CIA Mole Aldrich Ames (1/3)

The Traitor Within.
Diego Sosa : Thank you for the upload
Wm Eckert : There used to be a good version of this production on You Tube. This is not it. Several instances where a previous scene suddenly appears again for no reason later in the video. Horrible editing. Find the good version. Don't watch this.
jose ruben carvallo imersi : X favor en español, no se Inglés
Jim Eagle : Is there a better version of this somewhere ? Can’t find it in DVD.
shannon D cruz : After the 3 ladies start their mole-hunt --- after about 49 minutes --- it jumps back to the start in terms of what's showing. @Valeri Buss, you'll have to re-edit this --- until you do, please remove the upload.




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